Rachel is one of the best web designer/client side developers I have ever worked with. Her HTML/CSS skills are exemplary and also has a gift for understanding user requirements, usability and user interface design. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Rupert Bates, Development Manager, Guardian Professional

Rachel was an exceptional leader of the web development team and an absolute pleasure to work with. She displayed both a high level of technological knowhow along with a comprehensive understanding of the business. Full of ideas and creative solutions to help increase profitability, Rachel was an immense asset and provided highly effective leadership of her team. This was demonstrated by the significant results she and her team delivered - always on time and on budget. It is no overstatement to say that Rachel is the best web development person I have ever worked with, and I would whole heartedly recommend her to any organisation.

Lucy Canning, Global Head of Marketing, IQPC

I have worked with Rachel for a number of years and without hesitation can say she is one of the most dedicated, talented and professional managers I've had the pleasure to share projects with.

Rachel has an incredible ability to lead a team, initiate exciting and challenging work in web development and strive to uphold the best practices within our industry. Rachel is constantly ahead of the curve when utilising technology, coding languages and social networking across a wide range of business development.

Her knowledge and experience as a project manager have empowered companies to invest in ecommerce and see amazing returns. I've seen Rachel's influence both on the individuals she's worked with and on the companies' reputation as an industry-leader.

Rachel truly rallies a team around the client's needs. She inspires through her fairness, honesty, talent, unwavering dedication and enthusiasm. She has always been an inspiration for me professionally and creatively and I feel that she is an invaluable asset to any company.

Jennifer Chadwick, Senior User Experience Consultant, 309 Creative

[After working for six months in New York and the States] Rachel came back to the UK and was asked to take on the redesign and management of the global website. Within a month she had recruited a team and was up and running.

Rachel is one of the handful of people who have made it possible for IQPC to succeed in the way it has. At the age of 20 she was displaying more common sense, innate leadership and business savvy than many twice her age.

Rachel managed to diplomatically guide hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurial producers, marketers and MDs each with their own plans for how they want their sites to appear and what they want them to do, to end up with a whole that makes sense and does its job really efficiently. She’s taken the site from a few yellow and blue pages to thousands of pages in six languages selling event for 13 offices worldwide.

Rachel has been nothing but a huge pleasure to work with, super smart, very commercial and inspiring on the technology front. I’m grateful that she’s left a fantastic legacy behind her. I want to say an enormous thank you from everyone worldwide at IQPC.