Lumify Creative is a web design studio based in Winchester founded by Rachel Laing. Services can range from complete website development to ongoing front-end developer contracts. Often brought in to larger organisations as a contractor to bridge the gap between in-house tech and design teams.

Rachel Laing

I began designing for the web in 1999, working as a junior web designer in a large organisation. I quickly moved up the ranks and by 2001 I was the Global Head of Web Development working out of the UK and USA offices. The organisation's website was an enterprise level, e-commerce site. It involved working with teams from across the globe from Sydney to São Paulo and managing sites in various spoken languages including Mandarin and Arabic. Six years later, I left this role and established an independent design and promotions company in 2007 and more recently Lumify Creative in 2017. I have worked on numerous web projects either directly with clients or as a contractor. Work has included projects for high-profile clients such as The Guardian, The NHS, Wall Street Journal, Kew, and Wellcome as well as many smaller organisations.


Frontend web development, information architecture, online business strategy, e-commerce strategy, user experience, user interface design, graphic design, W3C web standards, accessibility, cross-browser compatibility, quality assurance, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation.


CSS, LESS, SASS, HTML5, XHTML, XML, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, Coda, CodeKit, Adobe Fireworks, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, MAMP, BrowserStack, Balsamiq, MailChimp, Google Web Master Tools, JIRA, Asana.

Rachel Laing